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La Forchetta

La Forchetta
(514) 279-9090

234, Laurier O.
Montréal - Québec

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            Antipasti / Appetizers  
Verdure Marinati - A Medley of delicate flavors featuring grilled and marinated vegetables

Funghi Ripieni - Champignons Farcis - Stuffed Mushrooms with prosciutto and provolone cheese
Peperoni alla Griglia - Poivrons Grilles - Grilled Peppers marinated in olive oil
Peperoni Marinati - Poivrons Marines - Marinated Peppers marinated in olive oil with garlic
Zuchini Marinati - Courgette Marines - Marinated sliced Zucchini
Funghi alla griglia - Champignons Grilles - Grilled Mushrooms
Melanzane Marinati - Aubergines Marines - Marinated sliced Eggplant
Pomodori Secchi - Tomates Seches - Sun Dried Tomatoes marinated in olive oil with fine herbs and capers
Melanzane Ripiene - Aubergines Farcies - Eggplant stuffed with sun dried tomatoes
Carciofi alla griglia - Artichauts Grillees - Grilled Artichokes marinated in olive oil with fine herbs

Olive - An Intriguing Alternative to Regular Green Olives.

Olive Ripieni con prosciutto e Provolone / aux prosciutto et provolone / Olives filled with prosciutto and provolone
Olive Ripieni con prosciutto e Mandorie / aux Amandes / Almonds
Olive Ripieni con prosciutto e Aglio / a L'ail / Garlic
Olives Sicilienne /Sicilian Olives
Olives seches avec sel de mer /Sun Dried Black Olives Marinated in Sea Salt
Olives douces/ Doux/ Sweet Green Olives

Frutti di Mare - Tantalizing Treasures from the Sea, featuring:

Insalata di Frutti di Mare / Salade de Fruits de Mer / Seafood Salad
Calamari Sott'olio / Calamars Marines / Marinated Calamari
Insalata di Polpo / Salade de Pieuvre / Octopus Salad
Insalata di Zosse / Salade de Moules / Mussel Salad
Arragosto di Surini
Insalata di Baccala / Salade de la Morue / Cod Fish Salad
Insalata di Tonno / Salade de Thon / Tuna Salad

Mixed Antipasti / Mixed Appetizers

Bruschetta / toasted Premiere Moisson baguette topped with vine ripe tomatoes, black olives, olive oil, and fine herbs
Salvia Fritta /Sauge frit / Fried sage leaves
Prosciutto in Sfogliata / Prosciutto en phyllo / Prosciutto wrapped in phyllo dough
Fiore di Pasta / Petes en fleur / Pasta flowers
Conchiglie di Salmone / Pates de saumon / Salmon pasta
Tarta di Pesto / Tarte de pesto / Pesto pie
Melanzane in Carrozza / Feuilles d'aubergines / Layered eggplant
Ceci all'olio / Chick Pea salad
Suppli al Telefono / risotto balls made with Arborio rice, Prosciutto, Porcini mushrooms and a mozzarella center
Pomodori Arrostiti / Tomates grilles / Grilled tomatoes
Prosciutto con Fichi e Melone / Prosciutto with cantaloupe and figs
Peperoni Rossi Iripieni / Poivrons farcies / Roasted red peppers stuffed with breadcrumbs, nuts, raisins, and anchovies paste
Salmone Ripieni / Saumon farcie / Stuffed salmon
Verdure con Agrodolce / Legumes avec de sauce / Vegetables with sweet'n'sour sauce
Torta di Spinaci / Tarte d'epinards / Spinach pie
Insalata di Finocchio / Salade de fennouil / Fennel salad
Finocchio con Prosciutto / Fennouil et Prosciutto / Prosciutto served with fennel
Focaccia / Les foucasses Premiere Moisson aux olives ou jambon et fromage / Premier Moisson olive flatbread or ham and cheese

Deli's Corner

Il Giardino - crunchy fresh vegetables served with our specialty dip /Plat de vegetables servi avec tapenade maison.

Il Concerto - assorted Italian cheeses served with crostini / Une immense choix de fromages importe d’Italie. Servi avec crostini.

Orchestrate your own Sandwich Platters

La Musica

Vegetarian Platter / Grilled, marinated vegetables with Arugula in a sour dough bread. Sun dried tomatoes, dried ricotta, tuma, basil and organic greens on Premiere Moisson Baguette. Fresh Avocado, Provolone cheese, slices of tomatoes and alfalfa Sprouts on Premiere Moisson Multigrain loaf. Smoked Salmon, cream cheese, arugula and capers wrapped in a soft tortilla. Served with organic greens, shaved parmigiano and balsamic vinaigrette.

La Vita

Mini Pita Platter / mini pitas filled with tuna salad, crab salad, egg salad, chicken salad, grilled vegetables with Italian sausage, Milanese meatballs and organic greens with balsamic vinaigrette. Served with bowtie pesto pasta salad and greens with balsamic vinaigrette.

Healthy Sandwich Platter

Parma prosciutto, provolone and radicchio on rustic bread. Oven baked chicken with organic greens, peppers, and sun dried tomatoes on country bread. Bresaola, parmigiano, olive tapenade and organic greens on Belgium loaf. Grilled artichokes, sundried tomatoes, Fresh peppers, and bocconcini on olive focaccia. Served with bowtie pesto pasta salad and organic greens.

Picnic Baskets

A traditional hand-woven picnic basket can be prepared for parties of two, four, or six. We will fill it with your choice of sandwiches, salads, desserts and bottled water, as well as a tablecloth, utensils, napkins, and a citronella candle. Picnic baskets are available during spring and summer.

Box Lunches

Sandwich Box Lunch includes sandwich of your choice, fruit pasta salad or organic greens and a dessert

Mini Sandwich Box Lunch includes mini Pita Sandwich of your choice, Caesar salad or organic greens, fruit and dessert

We also create custom boxed lunches! Great for meetings, boat and bus rides, travelling, picnics, and parties!

Zuppe / Soups

Brodo di Pollo /Chicken broth /Consome au poulet
Cappeletti in Brodo /Broth with pasta /Consome avec pates
Pallottoline in Brodo
Stracciatella alla Romana
Zuppa Royale / Regina
Minestra di Riso e Fave
Pasta e Fagioli
Pasta e Lenticchie
Zuppa di Asparagi /Asparagus soup
Zuppa di Pesce /Fish soup
Zuppa di Verdure /Vegetable soup
Zuppa di Spinaci e Polpettine /Spinach and mini meatballs soup
Zuppa di Zucca
Zuppa di Pomodori Freschi e Secchi /Sun dried tomatoes soup


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