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La Forchetta

La Forchetta
(514) 279-9090

234, Laurier O.
Montréal - Québec

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            Etiquette Workshop at La Forchetta!

Improve your Table Manners while enjoying a delicious 3-course meal at La Forchetta.

Let Etiquette Consultant - Loretta Di Vita Decorum Consultation guide you through the Do's and Don'ts of real-life dining etiquette.

This is a highly interactive session where you will experience "hands on" practice on how to:

  • enter a restaurant with grace and confidence
  • use positive body language at the table
  • handle "tricky" foods
  • use the "right" cutlery at the "right time"
Choose from one of the two following exquisite menus offered for the evening:

1 2
Antipasto: Caprese Salad
Main Dish: Grilled Chicken served with Fusilli Primavera
Dessert: Cannoli
Antipasto: Caprese Salad
Main Dish: Fusilli Tre Colore served with Eggplant Parmigiano
Dessert: Cannoli

2 sessions scheduled: May 2 and May 9

Register at La Forchetta, 234 Laurier O.

Participant Fee: $40.00 (includes meal)

Phone: Loretta Di Vita for more info: 514.366.1732

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